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Friday, February 8, 2008

NeoWorx Traffic Counters

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If you monetized your blog, the most important factor is traffic. Of course the content of your blogs should be interesting enough to attract more traffic. How would we know how many visitors we get? Where do these visitors come from? One of my personal favorite is NeoWorx traffic counter. They have a lot of traffic widgets for your blog. Some of it are free while others require some minimal yearly subscription. Check out the following widgets and pick one that suit your needs. The only setback with these tools is that they are quite time consuming to load up on your page.

1. NeoCounter

This widget allows you to track the number of visitors to your site. The best part is you can customize the widget to either display visitors by country or by city. Choose between total visitors or daily visitors. You can also differentiate the visitors currently online or those who had left your site.

Click on the following banner to get the code for neocounter

2. NeoEarth

NeoEarth displays your online and past visitors on choice of 12 zoomable maps, each available in 4 different sizes.

See how the earth shadow moves across the earth hour after hour. Click on NeoEarth and a full-scale map will pop-up, allowing you to zoom and pan across the planet in search of your visitors.

NeoEarth is updated on real-time basis

3. NeoPlanet

NeoPlanet displays your blog's visitors on a rotating 3D Earth globe composed of actual NASA satellite images.

Click on NeoPlanet and orbit around the planet as if you were in space.

Miles ahead of any other web counter, NeoPlanet will mesmerize you with its detailed graphics and smooth animation. Available in many sizes and skins, NeoPlanet will be a great addition to your blog.

Try NeoPlanet for free for 14 days and prepare never to give it up!

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